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Weight Gain Shakes: Overview

Weight Gain Shakes are most popular with athletes but can be used by anyone looking to increase their lean body mass; seniors, those with high metabolic needs, those recovering from long term illnesses are all good candidates to use weight gain shakes, too. Weight gain shakes conveniently provide substantial amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and calories, but in precise ratios that favor full utilization of these nutrients for positive growth and anabolic effects, instead of merely increasing bodyfat storage.

Each brand of weight gain shake is a unique formula, but all are essentially beefed-up protein powders with a beefed-up serving size. Weight gain shakes are built upon on high-quality proteins such as whey, casein and egg protein, then carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are added in types and amounts that vary from product to product. Weight gain shakes always taste great since manufacturers don't have to worry about keeping the calorie content down. So most weight gain shake users choose a product by selecting the one with the nutritional profile they like best.

Use a weight gain shake as you would any protein shake or meal replacement powder by mixing up the powder with some cold liquid in a blender or shaker cup. Remember, you can always use smaller serving sizes with weight gain shakes, so these can be great products for the whole family to use.